Frequently Asked Questions

Have insurance related questions? Knoxville Insurance Group is here to help. Still have additional questions after reading this page? Contact us and let us know what questions you still need answered.

  1. Will filing a claim make my insurance rates go up?

    In many cases, yes, it will. One of the many factors that insurance companies look at when deciding on your risk and insurance policy premium is your claims history. This is just one of the reasons why you should work with an independent insurance agent. We can assist you with searching for the right options based on your loss history.
  2.  Should I buy my policy through a carrier or go to an independent agent?

    We believe that working with a local independent insurance agent is the better option for our clients. Check out our page on why you should choose an independent insurance agent.
  3. Should I get a home and auto insurance package through the same carrier?

    Absolutely! Many insurance carriers offer deals that include savings when you bundle your home and auto policies.
  4. Will my auto insurance cover me if I get a rental?

    For the most part yes. Your lability coverage for your personal auto policy will cover you in an accident if you’re at fault. However, you may end up paying a large deductible for a car that you will NEVER drive again. Rather than take that chance we would recommend purchasing the Comprehensive and Collison from the rental company and allowing your personal liability to handle the other parties claim.
  5. What does a personal umbrella policy cover?

    A personal umbrella insurance policy is one of the most overlooked types of policies. Yet it can be a great line of defense in the event of a disastrous financial event as it provides two types of coverage: liability and defense costs.
  6. If I start a business in my home will my homeowners policy cover it?

    This entirely depends on the type of business you are running. If you start a business with very little foot traffic into your home it is likely that you will not need any additional coverage. However, it is better to err on the side of caution and contact one of our agents to discuss the needs of your in-home business.
  7. What is the difference between general and professional liability insurance for my business?

    General liability protects the insured business from what we call trip and fall claims. Professional liability, often referred to as errors and omissions coverage, is the complete opposite. It protects the business from lawsuits for its professional services.
  8. What insurance coverage do I need for my small business?

    Every business is different. The type of coverage you need for a local restaurant will differ from the coverage a small real estate office will need. This is why it is important to work with your local independent insurance agent. We can review the risks and needs of your business and help you find a policy that matches your situation.