Commercial Umbrella Insurance

You never know when someone might sue your business, which is why you need liability insurance. It will be there to cover the costs related to lawsuits and alleviate the financial strain on your company. But all liability policies have limits. Rather than run the risk of having a high claim exceed your standard policy limits, you can gain extra coverage through commercial umbrella insurance. 

With the help of Knoxville Insurance Group, Tennessee business owners can get quality commercial umbrella insurance. We’ll help you get the coverage that is right for your needs. 

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What Is Commercial Umbrella Insurance?  

Liability insurance helps a business pay costs related to lawsuits that might arise when someone alleges that the business caused them harm. For example, if a client slips and falls in your store and then sues you, general liability coverage can help pay legal fees, settlements and other costs. 

But there is no guarantee that these costs will stay within your liability policy’s coverage limits. Suppose you face a scenario where a claim has exceeded your policy limits. In that case, commercial umbrella insurance provides the extra liability coverage that can help you pay these remaining costs.  

Why Do I Need Commercial Umbrella Insurance?  

Any lawsuit could cost a business enormous sums, but there is a way to protect your bottom line. If you don’t want to face the risk of having a claim exceed your standard liability coverage limits, you should have a commercial umbrella policy. The policy can better ensure you can move on from significantly high claims without substantial financial setbacks. 

What Does Commercial Umbrella Insurance Cover? 

Once a claim exceeds the value of a commercial general liability policy, you can turn to your umbrella coverage. Your policy may help you pay for costs related to third-party claims, such as: 


  • Bodily injuries

  • Property damage

Coverage may also apply to product injuries, advertising injuries or personal injuries (e.g., libel or slander). Additionally, some policies will cover liabilities that your general liability plan may not cover. However, you cannot buy an umbrella policy without first having a general liability policy. 

What Does Commercial Umbrella Insurance Cost? 

Numerous factors can influence the cost of your commercial umbrella policy, but most policies are affordable. Your Knoxville Insurance Group agent will pay close attention to your coverage and price objectives. Our goal is to offer you only the best and most affordable policy solutions from our carrier network. 

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